Shrek and Fiona-The real fairy tale


A couple of weeks ago I was having a sitting with my bible study members and I decided to try out a game I called Social Qs: Questions for great conversation starters. The game was inspired by a New York Times article about how to keep a conversation going at a dinner where not all the guests are well acquainted with each other. One of the questions I asked was “if you could pick a character in a cartoon or animation, who would you like to be?” The answers were diverse, there was the Little Mermaid, Optimus Prime, the chick in Avatar, even Johnny Bravo and when it was my turn I said Fiona in Shrek. People were allowed to ask “why” and other questions. I liked Fiona because I considered her pretty cool especially the Charlie’s Angel’s fight scene. Then I was asked if I would prefer to be Fiona as a princess or as an ogre. Ha! Now that was a hard question but being a bit superficial I decided to go with Fiona as a princess. Then someone pointed out Fiona as a princess was lonely and I thought yes she did find true love as an ogre. So I was in a conundrum, but the conversation terminated at that point. Later on I went home and thought I should have been ok with being Fiona as an ogre because she was truly lovely and cool and she did get her fairy tale ending.

Fast forward to a few days ago and I realized that the story of Shrek and Fiona is as real a fairy tale as there ever was. Women want Prince Charming, that guy who will rescue you from your mundane life, wake you with a kiss, fit some designer slippers on your feet, give you a wedding with a horse and carriage and live with you happily ever after in his palace where you will lack not a thing. And men for years have pretended they don’t buy into that fairy tale vibe but come on! Have you seen Cinderella, Rampunzel, Pocahontas, and Snow White? Those women were gorgeous! Guys agree with me when I say you want the fairy tale princess; a great home maker like Cinderella, hair like Rampunzel, pure heart like Snow White and serenity like Beauty and of course smashing body like Pocahontas who I might add was a bit of a rebel (wink).

But then there is reality. There are no Prince Charmings and gorgeous well behaved Princesses waiting to be woken up by a kiss. But allow me to say this we are all like ogres in some way because no one is perfect. But like in Shrek’s story, we are not beyond redemption. We all still have a shot at love. But there is a catch; you need to be unafraid to admit you are a bit of an ogre. See you can only pretend to be Prince Charming or Cinderella for so long and then you get tired of the facade and there the cookie crumbleth. But if you realise you are an ogre and you admit it to yourself, you just might find another ogre who will love you for who you are. Like Fiona she realised she couldn’t keep hiding who she really was but that did not close the door to love, it opened it.

Fiona did have a choice though she could have settled for the other prince who was a little more easy on the eye but you all remember him he was evil. Who knows what that would have done to Fiona’s heart? That evil could have rubbed off on her. What I can say is the best love you can find is the one that loves you in spite of being a bit of an ogre. The kind of love that goes the extra mile and inspires you to be better everyday and therein you will become truly lovely.


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  1. hey, love it.. and very true. we are all Ogres. its hard to admit it to ourselves let alone to others but we are. we are not perfect and the people we will love are not perfect either.
    i would have picked Rampunzel from tangled. 🙂

    • Hey! Thanks for reading and commenting. Finally one person who can admit they are an ogre. I was watching a series and a younger person was telling an older person that they don’t like the messy bits in life and the person replied life is the messy bits. Love is the messy bits too especially if you have to love someone with ogre bits too. Yes you would fit in as Rampunzel. Sadly I haven’t watched the movie it is on my to watch list.

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