Love like Sport.


Love like Sport..

I wrote this a while back. I hope you will be inspired.

In every sport especially team sports or even individual sports there is always the challenge at the end of the season. There are a series of matches that lead up to a win for a particular team or individual. Every match that leads up to this is characterized by fierce competition amongst the players and the fans are not left behind either. Everyone is rooting for their team and they brag about what an upset their team will cause on the rivals. For the players they have to put in a lot of effort and the coaches work behind the scenes strategizing on how they can win this season. Even though they won last season’s game they still want to win this season. They have to prove that they are really good, that, they were worthy winners. Far be it from anyone to so much as suggest that their win was by some stroke of luck. Yes, some people may argue that luck may occur in a sporting situation, but others will argue luck is a combination of preparation and opportunity. I would like to think the team prepared itself through practice and keeping in form and an opportunity arose during the game and they took it. People may argue a team was lucky last season but the team wants to prove they weren’t lucky but rather they put in their hard work and it paid off and not forgetting that they simply are, the best. What is it about winning in love that makes people so comfortable with their win?

Let’s rewind time to the most coveted job you ever sought after. Remember? The one that you felt was made for you and you couldn’t imagine not getting it. At first you didn’t even believe in yourself enough to think that you could get it. There were all these doubts in your mind, “I’m not good enough”, “There’s someone else who is better qualified than me”, ”What if I don’t impress the panel” among other things. But that did not stop you. You did your research, you prepared for the interview, you prayed and then you got the job. It was the best news ever. But then they put you on probation and there was this implied demand to prove you were worth it. So, yes you won big time but that was just the beginning. The great task is the one that lay ahead. You had to prove yourself. You had to convince the people who hired you that they made the right decision. So you put in your very best effort to work. Punctuality is your middle name, you go the extra mile, you work late and you deliver on time and you are highly self-motivated. And the bosses they take notice. They realize you are a worker worth your salt and they are glad they took the risk and hired you.

Now think about it in the early stages of seeking out a love interest; is it not similar to fighting to excel in a sport and landing a great job? It all starts with interest and liking. You choose to play this sport because you think it’s pretty cool. You want the job because you know you will like it and you will be good at it. You had been observing this guy/girl and liked what you saw, so you make a move. In all scenarios there are no guarantees. When the coach puts the team together, there are no guarantees that everyone will click and form a formidable force to be reckoned with. In the job hunt, you can’t be sure your application will be looked upon with more favour than the next guy despite your great credentials. And with the girl/guy you like there are no guarantees they will like you even after you’ve spent time hanging around them presenting your best self to them. But still you keep at it. You don’t give up easily because an exceptional person such as yourself recognizes a good thing when they see it. Here is the interesting bit, all these take effort, they are costly and might even be painful (occupational hazards) and it is a risk. But still it stops you not. Even when you have been slightly wounded like the interview you went for and you said something you are sure wasn’t clever and you’re sure you blew it. When they call you for the next interview in spite of that you come back fighting. And when you do things that cause the apple of your eye to recoil and you’re sure they will never speak to you again you humble yourself and go back and apologize. You put yourself at their mercy. And in sports it’s the same thing, you lose one of your matches but you believe in yourselves once more and go back for the next game. And all the while there are no guarantees; they hiring manager may not think you are good enough, the object of your affection may decide you are not worth their time and the team you lost to may humiliate you again. But this does not stop you from doing what you have to, get what you want. Now the difference is with good sports men and workers, once they get what they want, they fight harder still to retain it. But for most warriors in love once they get the prize they hang up their spears and get comfortable. What is wrong with this picture?

You saw a good person and you went for them and you got them. Other people did, go for them too but they chose you. You were prepared and you seized the opportunity when it arose. Now why has it not crossed your mind to prove to others and especially to he/she who chose you that they made the right decision? That you weren’t just lucky you earned your place in their life and you deserve to be there. Why don’t you want to prove that you are worth your salt or your weight in gold? What, ever makes the warriors in love think that in winning their mate they have won it all? Whether in sport or a job or love the first win is great but the subsequent wins are what we should aspire to. Because every time I win my love over by my deeds I am increasing my worth in their eyes. I am making for myself a more lasting place in their hearts. Just like in sport with every win the team gains more loyalty from its fans. I would especially like to put this across to married couples or people in relationships; every day is an opportunity to make your partner fall in love with you even more. And in sports people win shiny cups and medals and at work it’s a higher salary, promotions and more perks but in marriage and relationships it is the love and respect of your partner which is priceless. Is it or is it not worth fighting for? What more can I say, if you’re a lover be a champion for your love.


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