Would you.


I was going through my stuff and came across this poem I wrote. Enjoy!

If you did not know me, would you let me have a say

If I gave you nothing would you give me time of day

If I was chased with monsters would you for me slay

If my soul was restless would you for me pray

If I was in the mood would you with me dance and play

If someone indignified and discredited would you for me start a fray

If I became a bit misdirected would you stop me from going astray

Would you do all these for me would you find a way.


I ask you all these because I’m in need of a friend

Someone to whom warmth and kindness I will extend

Whose criticism to me will be to mend

Time in laughter and joy we will spend

When either of us are lacking it will come naturally to lend

In tears of misery on each other we will depend

I pray to the heavens it is you they will send

To have a friendship not even death will end


Now you must be wondering what I see in you

It is your warmth and kindness that seems so true

Although I barely know you I may not have much of a clue

I still imagine a winter’s day with you, the sky will be blue

With that shine in your eye I believe good times we will accrue

It makes me smile the adventurous things we will get up to

I honestly see you fitting in my shoe

I can only hope you feel the same way too.


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  1. Because poetry is my niche, this is my favorite one. We have similar thought processes and ways of conveying ideas.a. I shall get back right away to my blog. Keep doing it. Xoxo 🙂

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