Introducing Screen Talk…

I like to watch old movies. Don’t get me wrong old movies do not refer to anything in black and white or anything made before the 90s. It simply means a movie that is a few years old. I was never one to keep up with current movies. Come to think of it I am a bit of a movie/technological dinosaur. You will find I haven’t watched the latest movie and the latest gadget is not on my wish list and I apologize not. What do old movies have to do with anything you ask? Well, it started with a conversation. A friend of mine who is much older is one of the most intelligent people I have ever met. Every time she is in a conversation, you will no doubt be left with a stimulated mind. In one stimulating conversation, the topic of movies and series came up. She asked everyone what they were currently watching and with every movie or series she talked about the questions it raises. Conversations with her led me to dream up with Screen Talk. Screen talk is an opportunity to think about the questions things we see on screen raise and to talk about it. There are lots of movies and series out there and we love to consume them. But just like food if we consume the harmful it will harm us. Some things are not out rightly harmful but with time they build up and they become toxic to our bodies.  The purpose of Screen Talk is to digest what we’re watching and as with digestion the useful is assimilated into the body and the toxic is expelled. But then again some things are just poison so beware…. Nevertheless choose what you will watch, digest it and talk about it especially here. Happy consumption!


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